About Us

Author: Vapeyou   Date Posted:21 March 2017 

Welcome to Vapeyou

We at Vapeyou are a small family business, with a passion for vaping.

Our online shops come about after a trip to New Zealand, where we discovered vaping and became vaping enthusiasts.

Upon coming home we found that there was no local access to Vapes or E-liquid. So we did the next best thing and learn all we could and decided to open our own Vape shop.

We are located in Withcott Queensland, Australia.

All our E-Liquids have been tested to create the best taste possible. Using Australian made products.

Vapeyou can personalise E-Liquid to your taste for you, just let us know what taste you’re after .

At this stage we are only small site, but as we grow so will our site.

Thank you for shopping with us.