Legalise Vaping In Australia- The Fight

Legalise Vaping
Hi Vape,

I have exciting news to share with you! But I want to set expectations upfront. This is a victory, but we have one more fight in this war.First, the good news.We DEFEATED Greg Hunt's importation ban on vaping! This battle has been ongoing for the year. Your calls, your testimony, and your donations made this victory possible. Thank you!Another thank you goes towards the intense campaigning and pressure from Senator Hollie Hughes and other pro-vaping MPs.While this is not an ultimate win, I'm proud to say that we've managed to stop the worst possible outcome that would have driven people back to smoking.

Vape, our fight is not over yet. Here’s what we are up against.From October 2021, if the upcoming legislation is unchanged, vapers will have to obtain a prescription to access nicotine vaping products.Currently, there are only 14 doctors nationally who are registered to prescribe these products. The idea that a vaper should require a prescription to access a product that is less harmful than the one at their local servo is abhorrent and should be fought against every single day.This is not based on science. This is against our liberty. It is wrong for our nation.
You can help us bring about total victory, Vape.The New Year in 2021 will bring new challenges and a new fight against prescription legislation. I know I have asked for your support before. I have to ask again, because it is working!I am looking to raise $25,000 online before 31 December at midnight. Can you donate $20.21, $50, $100, or more today? Click here to donate >>Your support is working! Our movement can win with your continued support.When Legalise Vaping - Australia first started, we had a Health Minister who said in no uncertain terms that he would never legalise vaping under his watch. He flat out refused to acknowledge that vaping was less harmful than smoking, and his cronies in the TGA, and various taxpayer-funded organisations controlled the entire narrative on vaping.Since then, Hunt and his cronies have:

  • Folded on their core policy goals
  • Moved towards a pseudo-legalised market
  • Acknowledged vaping is less harmful and helps people quit smoking
  • Opened up a (very broken and unworkable) pathway to access vapes

We are winning this fight because we have truth on our side. While truth helps, it’s not enough. We need to keep up the pressure. Your support goes directly towards our efforts.Please help us put the final nail in the coffin of the government’s war on vaping. Donate today.

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We don’t have the cronies pouring millions into our side of this fight. We have a community of vapers and shop owners who believe in this cause.I hope I can see your name as one of our donors before 31 December at midnight.Thank you,Brian Marlow

Sent by Legalise Vaping

1 Kings Cross Road, 2010, NSW

30th Dec 2020 Brian Marlow

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