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Mesh Vape Coil Australia

Mesh Vape Coil Australia

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Vapeyou Offers a Mesh Vape Coil in Australia

At Vapeyou, we are known for our stellar customer service and the vast selection of products that we offer, including several options for a mesh vape coil in Australia. Mesh coils can replace the standard wire heating element with a metallic mesh. This switch provides several advantages to your wire heating method. We offer mesh vape coils for the most popular brands of vape pens.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Mesh Coil for a Vape in Australia

Mesh coils solve many of the design issues that occur in standard wire heating elements and offer the sub-ohm vaper a better overall experience with stronger flavours and larger clouds of vapor. Their design allows the heating element to cover a larger surface while maintaining an even heat. Follow these tips to get more value out of a mesh vape coil:

  • Because the heat occurs within a larger area, mesh coils last longer than standard ones, so this fact alone will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your coil.
  • The downside of big clouds and fuller flavours of a mesh coil occurs in the area of e-liquid consumption. These coils heat much more efficiently, coming to temperature faster. Take that into consideration with smaller hits if you want to extend the life of your e-liquid.
  • Due to their efficiency, mesh coils work best at lower temperatures. This fact gives them a smoother inhale, but some vapers prefer the sensation of a warm draw. Mesh might not be for you if you fall into this category. 

Benefits of a Cotton Vape Coil in Australia

A cotton coil for vape in Australia is the standard wick used in most vape pens and for good reason: it is inexpensive and easy to work with compared to many other materials. Here are a few of the benefits of cotton coils:

  • Cotton offers unsurpassed flavour and the large vapor clouds that many vape enthusiasts love. Couple these features with its relatively inexpensive cost and it is easy to see why it remains one of the most popular options.
  • When you use it correctly, cotton adds no flavour of its own. Ensure that your cotton is not wrapped too tightly or you risk getting dry hits.
  • Cotton can quickly hold a considerable amount of e-liquid. Ensure that you are using the right type of cotton, free of bleach or other harmful additives, for best results.

Related Products We Provide to a Ceramic Coil for a Vape in Australia

Thanks to the size of our inventory, when it comes to the products that we offer related to a ceramic vape coil in Australia, it would be easier to list the products that we don’t sell. We maintain a massive selection covering the most popular brands of vapes and all the accessories and replacement parts that you will need. A few related products include:

  • Over 150 different e-liquids, featuring enough flavours for every vape enthusiast to find their favourite or their soon-to-be favourite. Many of these options are available both in mixed and concentrated forms.
  • We offer vapes of all shapes and sizes from your favourite brands. For those interested in other options beyond E-liquids, we have wax and dry herb vapes as well. Come to us if your vape needs replacement glass or cartridges.
  • Personalise your vape with one of our wraps or shell stickers. If you vape on the go, a carrying case can help you to keep your device and your e-liquid safe.

What Customers Stand to Gain If They Use Vapeyou

Customers keep coming back to us because we offer everything that they need to keep vaping with secure online pay and fast shipping. Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end with the sale, either: we proudly offer after-sale service, available 24 hours per day by phone. Contact us today and browse our online store.