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Vapeyou Offers Joyetech Pods in Australia

Vapeyou is well known for the stellar level of customer service we provide as well as the vast selection of products we offer and these include Joyetech pods in Australia. The Atopack Penguin from Joyetech is an excellent all in one vape for those beginning to explore vaping as well as anyone who wants an attractive and ergonomically designed device. With an extensive line of flavoured E-liquid, including our own in-house blends and accessories, we cater to all your vaping needs. 

Tips for Getting More Value out of Joyetech Vape Pods in Australia

The Joyetech Atopack Penguin is one of the easiest to use all-in-one vape kits that comes with everything you will need to enjoy it, apart from the E-liquid. This convenience is one of the reasons that it is ideal for beginners though anyone can enjoy its stylish look along with its strong flavour and large vapour clouds. Here are a few tips to get more value out of your Joyetech vape:


  • Make sure to keep its battery charged. While the battery in Joyetech’s vapes lasts all day, this is only when you keep them charged. There is nothing worse than having your battery run out when you want to enjoy an excellent vape because you forgot to charge it.
  • The Atopack Penguin uses interchangeable pods and having more than one will enable you to switch to different flavoured E-juices. Many vaping enthusiasts enjoy experiencing different flavours throughout the day, which is made easier with these interchangeable pods.
  • Another customisation option that comes with the Atopack Penguin is its swappable extra coil. Joyetech understands that some vaping enthusiasts want a mouth to lung hit while others prefer a deeper one in the lungs only. The included 0.6-ohm coil is perfect for mouth to lung while the 0.25-ohm coil provides deep lung hits.

Related Products we offer to Joyetech Vape Pods in Australia

With our extensive inventory, we have everything that a vaping enthusiast needs to enjoy their favourite hobby and more. Our stock includes vapes and pods from all the major manufacturers and the genuine products, not some knock off clones of dubious quality. If you come to our website or store a few of the related products we offer include:

  • We have all the replacement parts you can need to keep your vape working perfectly. These include batteries and chargers, coil, replacement glass and more.
  • With over 150 flavours of E-liquid, including mixes, concentrates and our in house designed blends so you know we have your favourite and soon to be favourite flavours.
  • If you want to move beyond E-juice, we have vapes that can use waxes as well as dried herbs.

Why Vapeyou’s Joyetech Vape Pods are Cost-Effective

Between our competitive prices, vast selection of everything a vaping enthusiast needs to keep enjoying their hobby and fast, Australia wide, shipping, we can get you the pods and other products you need quickly and for a good price. We take customer service seriously, including after-sales service. If you need to get a hold of us, we offer 24-hour phone service. Contact us today to browse our selection of vapes, accessories and the largest selection of flavoured e-liquid available.

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