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Find the Innokin Pods in Australia and E-Liquid Flavours You Want

Innokin pods in Australia are one of your options when you are in the market for great juice flavours for your vaping device. Vape pods are growing in popularity for their ease and convenience. Pods can come either prefilled or re-fillable. You simply use the coil burns out and then replace them. Some vapers still prefer e-liquid bottles, which typically provide more options and offer the ability to mix and match to create new flavours on your own. Whichever one you prefer; you can find it at Vapeyou

Benefits of Innokin Vape Pods in Australia

While some vapers prefer e-liquid bottles over pods, it’s still true that pods are becoming more and more popular. Pods and bottles both have their unique pros and cons; which one is right for you depends on several factors. If you are trying to decide which one makes sense for you, consider these advantages of pods. 

  • They’re flexible. Not all pods are refillable, but some are. If you want to combine the numerous options bottles offer with the convenience of pods, look for refillable pods, a sort of hybrid option.
  • They offer a tight draw that’s more like smoking. If you prefer the feel of smoking and want an experience that’s closer to that, then pod vapes can provide it.
  • Minimal vapour production. Of course, if you want big, voluminous clouds of vape, then another type of vape might be for you. However, if you prefer to vape discreetly, A pod vape can produce a smaller cloud, allowing you to vape in more places inconspicuously.

What You Can Expect from Vapeyou Regarding Innokin Vape Pods in Australia

It’s important to choose the right vape shop when you’re in the market for vape pods or any other vape accessories or equipment. At Vapeyou, we put quality and customer service first. Here are a few things you can expect when you shop with us. 

  • Excellent service. Our team is made up of vapers like you who are very knowledgeable about our stock and can answer all your questions. We are also available by phone 24 hours a day.
  • A large selection. We stock a wide variety of devices, e-liquids, concentrates, coils, batteries, and much more to ensure that you can always find exactly what you want.
  • Top brands. We choose our brands carefully, offering only the best such as Innokin, Smok, Joyetech, and Vaporesso. 

Why You Should Choose Vapeyou

Located in Cairns QLD as well as online, Vapeyou offers the vaping products you need at competitive prices with secure transactions and fast Australia Post shipping. Let Vapeyou be your one-stop shop for all things vape. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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  • Innokin Kroma Z Pod Kit - Innokin Kroma Z Pod Kit

The all New Kroma - Z Pod Kit

Sleek Styling and Lightweight
The Kroma-Z Pod Mod borrows it’s sleek styling from the Innokin Kroma-R including the side firing bar & Screen. . Just pick it up and squeeze it for a fully satisfying vape! The body of the Kroma-Z is made of Magnesium Alloy, increasing its strength and greatly reducing its weight.

The Kroma-Z pod can be switched for your favorite tank, simply remove the pod and pop on the 510 adapters (sold separately) and the pod becomes a mod!  This doubles the usefulness and value of the device!  You can then use your favorite Z-Coil tank like the Zenith, Zenith Pro, Zlide, or any other 510 compatible tanks.

Easily adjust the airflow from a tight MTL draw to a loose RDL draw with the side external airflow control! There are also two airflow control rings included, one for a more open MTL/RDL and one for a tighter MTL.These gold-colored rings are attached at the bottom of the pod and can be swapped out for one another to fit your preference.

Adjust the wattage from 6-40 watts to take full advantage of the entire Z-Coil line including the all-new .3ohm 30-40W Z-Coil, The Kroma-Z can be tailored to your perfect vaping experience.

Charge the massive internal 3000mAh battery quickly with 1.7A charging and a USB Type-C cable! - All-day vaping without the worry of carrying spare batteries or your device running out of charge halfway through the day!

The new Kroma-Z Pod Mod is fully compatible with the entire Z-Coil line, making it desirable for vapers who have come to love the Zenith, Zenith Pro, and Zlide tanks.  

Experience the quality MTL & RDL and choose the one that suits you best with the entire Z Coil line below:

48Ω Plex3D / 0.5Ω Plexus Z Coil
8Ω Kanthal Coil
2Ω Kanthal Coil
6Ω Kanthal Coil
0Ω Kanthal Coil
3Ω Kanthal Coil (RDL)

Z-coils are widely available, and you can be assured they will continue to be available for many years to come with their growing popularity.

Fill the pod with 4.5ml of e-liquid without removing the pod from the device, the fill port is an easy access tab at the back of the pod (opposite the fire bar side.) This is an easy, convenient way to fill your pod without having to remove it from the device.


The Kroma-Z is available in numerous colors including Black, Grey, Midnight Blue, Midnight Green, White, and Pink!  

Dimensions: 114mm x 31mm x 23mm
Weight: 93g
Material: Magnesium Alloy, PCTG
3000mAh Internal Rechargeable Battery
4.5ml Liquid Capacity
Wattage Output: 6 Watts - 40 Watts
Resistance Range: 0.2 Ohm - 3.5 Ohm
Adjustable Airflow Control Switch
Coil Installation: Threaded onto Base, Base with Coil Threaded into Pod
Fill Method: Side Silicone Plug
Bottom-adjustable Airflow Control Ring
Pod Installation: Click-in Connection
Strong Magnets and Locking Tab
Type-C USB Charging (1.7A)

Packaging Contents:

1 x Innokin Kroma-Z Battery
1 x Innokin Kroma-Z Pod
1 x Innokin Z 0.8 Ohm Coil: 15 Watts - 18 Watts
1 x Innokin Z 0.3 Ohm RDL Coil: 30 Watts - 40 Watts
1 x Spare RDL Drip Tip
1 x Spare MTL Drip Tip
1 x Type-C USB Cable
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warning Booklet


Extended Warranty Available- go from 3 months to 6 months

Thanks for choosing Innokin’s products. Once you sign up with your product information successfully, the warranty period of the product registered will get extended by 90 days, namely 180 days after the date of initial purchase of a new, genuine Innokin product in total.

Just register at


This is a genuine Innokin Product. Innokin Kroma Z Pod Kit

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    Innokin Kroma Z Pod Kit The all New Kroma - Z Pod Kit Sleek Styling and Lightweight The Kroma-Z Pod Mod borrows it’s sleek styling from the Innokin Kroma-R including the side firing bar & Screen. . Just pick it up and squeeze it for a...
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